Janet Ryan Faulkner

Director, KW Commercial
CEO, Faulkner & Associates
Licensed in MA, NH & FL

Janet has enjoyed tremendous success in the commercial real estate business by doing something very simple: she puts the needs…Read More

and success of her clients before her own. Janet tells her clients what they need to hear, rather than what they may want to hear. She has a great capacity to think outside the box to get things done she gets ahead of issues that could become problems, which assures a successful conclusion.

As CEO of Faulkner & Associates, Janet is responsible for all aspects of the success of the team and customer satisfaction. Janet is the primary listing agent for the team, and operates in the MA, NH and Florida offices. Janet is a Director with KW Commercial, and is responsible for training new and seasoned agents.

Brian Kindlan

Buyer/Tenant Representative
Licensed in MA & NH

Brian brings an infectious enthusiasm to his role as a buyer and tenant representative for the Faulkner & Associates team. Clients have commended his ability to truly listen and offer savvy input…Read More
Brian operates out of the Andover, MA office, and represents commercial buyers and tenants. Brian specializes in office, retail, industrial and multi-family investment properties. Prior to his career in commercial real estate, Brian’s career spanned the hospitality and restaurant management sector.

Sue LaGree

Buyer / Tenant Representative
Licensed in MA 

Sue comes to the Faulkner & Associates team after a career as an attorney and promoter, where she focused on family law, real estate and business development…Read More

Sue focuses on Buyer and Tenant Representation, where her clients benefit from her business acumen, tenacious attitude, and strong negotiation skills. Sue earned her JD from Suffolk Law School in Boston in 1994 and has been a trusted adviser and community advocate.

Bill Faulkner

Licensed in MA & NH

Although Bill is no longer active in the business, he uses his experience and expertise in commercial real estate to advise on a wide range of topics. Bill has broad experience in financial…Read More

analysis, marketing, process & procedures, business compliance, business development, professional standards and ethics.

Linda Barnes

Executive Assistant
Customer Care, Transaction Coordinator

Linda is our first point of contact for clients and customers, and operates in the Faulkner & Associates Andover office. Linda is responsible for managing our database, our lead generation process…Read More

 and marketing schedule. As transaction manager, Linda oversees all contracts from start to finish and is our back-office support for all the team members.

Shekina Aquilar


Rose is responsible for marketing and database administration for Faulkner & Associates. Rose creates and implements our distinctive email marketing campaigns…Read More

and is responsible for all facets of our social media marketing.

Elizabeth Langevin

CFO, Market Center Administrator, Andover

Beth is the Market Center Administrator (MCA) in the Andover office, and is responsible for keeping the office and the Team Leader on track and productive. You can think of Beth…Read More

as the Market Center’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer. Beth is responsible for the operational and financial stability of the Market Center.

Michael Hvizda

CEO, Market Center Team Leader, Andover

Mike is focused on growing agent’s businesses and the Andover, MA Market Center. He coaches, consults and trains his associates at every level. As the CEO, he sets the standards…Read More
provides the vision, maintains the culture and inspires achievement.